About me

Who am I

I am 34 especially web site programmer (for 19 years). I have The Master of Science degree from University of Technology in Brno, Czech Republic. I studied here for 5 years on Faculty of Information Technology on department of Artificial Intelligence. The most time I spend in Brno, programming mostly web applications, reading some self-development books or sometimes doing some sports like running or martial arts.

More info about me are on these sites.

What I have learned

From programming skills I have learned especially:

Today are web projects area of IT, in which I am most interested in and in which I spend most of the time.

What have led me to make my own framework

Programming is for me the great action of self expression and creativity, so I was always choosing the way to solve problems by my own, if it was no so complicated or time consuming.

When I started to create my first web projects, after time I regonized the similarity of some parts of web, which I was creating over and over again. It leds me to create some base of my actual framework. That time, I had no idea of frameworks, but with object programming I have approached to them.

After time, I have worked with some frameworks and I thought of creating my own framework, based on what I have already done and learned. I have remodel old project to MVC architecture, simplify and made it more clear. Finally, you can find result after many months of develompent, which is still not finished, on these websites.

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